April 2020

Reflection for April 30

2020-03-28T12:53:28-05:00April 30th, 2020|Reflections|

St. Pius V – 

We need to see and experience more kindness and compassion and forgiveness in society today and it must become obvious through us and in us.  When we begin to treat one another with love and compassion then others will begin to recognize the presence of God in our world. You see, it all has to do with you and me making present the kingdom of God in today’s society and world.

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Reflection for April 29

2020-03-28T12:52:03-05:00April 29th, 2020|Reflections|

St. Catherine of Siena – 

In this passage Jesus speaks of those who come to him and whom God gives him. Who is Jesus to us? Is he really the bread of our life?  Is our whole life centered around him? Do we still have other hungers which dispel the taste for the bread of life? What is the source of our spiritual nourishment?

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Reflection for April 28

2020-03-28T12:50:55-05:00April 28th, 2020|Reflections|

St. Peter Chanel, St. Louis de Montfort – 

When Jesus describes himself as the Bread of Life, he stirs in us images of warmth and comfort. Jesus is the Bread of Life and he wants to give us that bread always. He wants to fill us with his risen life. What Jesus is saying is more than mere sentiment. Jesus is our nourishment. He is our staple food. It is Jesus and Jesus alone who can bring us the true peace of God.

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Reflection for April 27

2020-03-28T12:49:06-05:00April 27th, 2020|Reflections|

Our lifetime jour­ney of faith at times referred to as the spiritual life is one of look­ing for Jesus. But like the crowd we often do so because we want or need something. As Jesus tells the crowd so he tells us to believe that he is the one sent from God.

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Reflection for April 26

2020-03-28T12:46:25-05:00April 26th, 2020|Reflections|

Third Sunday of Easter – 

The Church of Christ despite all its faults, is the primary means by which Christ is made real in the world. We as Christ’s followers are his primary agents for opening the eyes of faith among those who are searching for God. On this third Sunday of Easter we praise Jesus for all the ways in which we have been transformed by his love. We rejoice because we have the great grace of believing in the resurrection.

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Reflection for April 25

2020-03-28T12:43:26-05:00April 25th, 2020|Reflections|

St. Mark – 

We give thanks that even in our faithlessness Christ is at work in us to make us faithful. We pray today for those who are persecuting the Church, its priests, and religious. We pray for their conversion and that all of us will strive to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ and never be discouraged in proclaiming the Gospel.

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Reflection for April 24

2020-03-28T12:41:45-05:00April 24th, 2020|Reflections|

St. Fidelis – 

Jesus was not only grateful he was also generous. He shared it with the crowd. And in that act of sharing it became enough and more than enough. Life always seems to work that way. So very often the ones who have the least are the most generous. Generosity is more than a matter of economics;  it is a way of living.

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Reflection for April 23

2020-03-28T12:38:28-05:00April 23rd, 2020|Reflections|

St. George – 

God does not allocate a certain amount of health, wealth and happiness to each person and once you use it up it’s gone, and you receive no more. His love and care are free flowing, present in our joys and sorrows, in our health and sickness. But isn’t it amazing how we tend to ration our love, our gifts, our energies, and carefully count the cost. Do we provide ample opportunity for others to see God in us?

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Reflection for April 22

2020-03-28T12:37:16-05:00April 22nd, 2020|Reflections|

There are some religious leaders who symbolically tiptoe out onto the stage of life and apologize for interrupting the world with the message of the Resurrection. So how convinced are we of the fact that we are loved by our risen Lord. We need to break out of the prisons of our self-centeredness and take our place in the temple area and tell people everything about the life of God within us. Yes, Jesus is risen!

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Reflection for April 21

2020-03-28T12:34:56-05:00April 21st, 2020|Reflections|

St. Anselm – 

Being a Christian is more than following a few laws or of being kind to one another. “Do not the pagans do as much?”  Our life as a follower of Jesus involves a very deep interior life of faith, a deep interior life of prayer; it involves having Christ-like attitudes. Hopefully our deep and authentic interior life will lead others to Jesus.

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