United States Conference of Secular institutes

2020 Spring Mountaineer

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Dear Friends,
Christ is risen; He is truly risen! He is
victorious over death and darkness. What a gift the
Easter message is for a world at war with Covid19. Doesn‘t this feel like a time when we really
need to see him in the clouds of heaven,
reassuring us of his ever-present love and power?
Then look up, because he is there.
Certainly, these are challenging times.
Through the light of faith, we know that Almighty
God is in charge of the situation and that he can
make good come out of any disaster. We trust that
he is educating his people and leading us to something better, even if we are unable to articulate
what that might be.

During these days it is important that we who
have faith overcome fear and anxiety. These are
normal reactions, our instinct for survival kicking in.
People fear getting sick or even dying; they are afraid
of infecting others and facing financial difficulties.
Such anxiety narrows our freedom which we claim as
children of God. Instead, try to use that energy to turn
the fear into concern: concern for our own health and
concern for others; concern for spiritual growth and
conversion; concern for the sick and those who might
die alone. Let us pray for the angels to be with all
these people.
This is a time in which the Father calls us to rest
in him. Such resting in prayer will bring greater calm
and peace as we find the truly important things – and
persons – in life. Every person of peace has a profound effect on the whole Body of Christ. This is a
peace that transcends a stay at home order or social
distancing. This can be our apostolic deed during this
We might also find an invitation to share more
closely in Christ‘s suffering so that others might reap
the benefits of his resurrection. Are you willing to say
yes to the invitation? Many are, especially health care
workers and first responders, our heroes of today.
After all, war begets heroes.
Wishing you the Easter graces of new life and
deep joy,
Marcia Vinje


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