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2018 Christmas Mountaineer

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Christmas 2018 Dear Friends, We are in the season of light and music in which the angels appear to us under so many disguises. So long ago they came to proclaim the glorious news that a Savior had been born. The stars shone for his glory, the angels sang and all of nature seemed to rejoice. The beautiful Christmas legends of animals speaking and forests flowering carry a message that everything is now different. We live in a certain tension between that vision of loveliness and peace and the reality of the “already but not yet”. It seems many humans have not read the memo from the Father in Heaven that all will be well if we just pay attention to the real truth. He is here. He is among us. He is in us.
The Child Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer, for whom we long with the desire of millennia, is now here. The lights of Advent express the growing light and warmth that we experience as the Son comes closer and closer to entering our world in human form. Divine grace dispels the darkness of sin when he reveals that he has taken on our human nature in the perfect covenant between God and man and thus ransoms us. How graced we are to be aware that Our Lord is coming, not only into the world but even into our hearts. If only we were aware of the abundance of gifts he gives us every day, how grateful we would be.
Know that I remember you gratefully in my prayers and your intentions will be prayed for in a novena of Masses to be said at our Schoenstatt Shrine at Christmas time. Along with the entire Executive Committee, Fr George, Jessica, Evelyn, and Claudette, we wish that the Christ Child fills your heart with his love, life, and light. God bless you throughout the coming New Year 2019 and may you hear the angels sing.
Marcia Vinje
United States Conference of Secular Institutes
The Mountaineer Volume 11 Issue 4
December 2018


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