United States Conference of Secular institutes

2019 Spring Mountaineer

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Secular Institutes

Dear Friends,
Christ has risen, alleluia! The most glorious time of year is upon us and we want to embrace the
reality that Jesus lives among us and in us. It is a time of joy and glory, no matter what is going on
around us: joy because the plan of redemption has been fulfilled; glory because our very own human
nature has been divinized in Christ Jesus, risen from the dead. This is the real world, although many
are blind to it. Let us never forget that the war has been won even if there are skirmishes still
This year the idea of the empty tomb has occupied my meditation. The stone was not rolled away
to let Jesus OUT of the tomb, but to let us IN. The tomb was opened so that we could see the truth
that death has been conquered and nothing can hold back the Lord from doing his salvific work.
We all have tombs in our lives where we are hiding sins or memories that we don’t want to face.
Perhaps now is the time to roll away the stone and let Jesus into our tombs with his radiant light that
penetrates every darkness. Darkness never triumphs over light. Light always wins. Truth always wins.
Mercy always wins. Let the light in.
In February the Executive Committee met to plan our fall national meeting. Very important to note, we have a change of venue. This September, it
will be held at Marytown, Libertyville, Illinois, a lovely retreat house that
houses the National Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe. We fell in love with the
charm and character of the place which has a very special spirit, in no small
part due to its church where there is perpetual adoration.
Our speaker will be Father Marcel Caron, president of the Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes. I met him in Rome in 2016 at the World Conference of Secular Institutes (CMIS) and was impressed at the opening Mass
when he gave his homily in three languages. As the week progressed we resolved to get together to share our common experiences of secular institutes
in North America. Obviously a leader, Father was elected to the Board of Directors of CMIS and so will bring us a worldwide perspective as well.
Please, do come September 13-15. You won’t be sorry.
With prayers and wishes for many blessings on each of you, Marcia Vinje


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