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2014 Summer Mountaineer

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Letter from the President
Dear Friends,
Please join me in traveling down memory lane all the while remembering your own memories which influenced our lives. I would like to highlight the month of May, the month dedicated to Mary, where we honor her in a special way. Having attended a parochial school for twelve years, I’ve had many opportunities with my classmates to honor Our Lady through various devotions especially the Holy Rosary. Meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary was always special since we learned about the life of Jesus and the role Mary played. At the end of the month, the whole assembly would be present for the special celebration of the crowning of Mary. This was the highpoint where we manifested our deep love and respect for her. Pope John Paul II, now St. John Paul II, in his wisdom and devotion to the Rosary, added the mysteries of light. What a gift to the Church and all of us. Let us pray for more vocations to a secular consecration and peace in the world. The Holy Rosary is a powerful tool! “AD JESUM PER MARIAM” You are receiving now the invitation to the annual meeting of USCSI to be held in September in CT. We hope that you will be able to join us. Fr. Ciorra’s presentation will be based on his book Beauty, A Path to God. In the chapter entitled “The Eyes of Faith” he writes: “It was de Caussade who coined the phrase the sacrament of the present moment.” He continues: “Mary models for us what it means to embrace the moment with the eyes of faith.” I’m anxious to learn more. COME AND SEE! In friendship and peace.


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