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2014 Christmas Mountaineer

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Dear friends,
It is a joy for me to greet you at this time of preparation for the coming of Our Lord on Christmas Day. The prophet Isaiah said that the child would be known as the Prince of Peace. The angels brought a message of praise and peace to the shepherds on the night Jesus was born: “Glory to God, peace to men of good will.” And Jesus, in his last discourse, promised us peace as his farewell gift to us. What a precious gift! When do you feel the most peaceful? I invite you to ponder this question during the remaining days leading up to Christmas. For me, it is when I receive the Holy Eucharist. Pope Francis dedicated the year 2015 to consecrated life. This is an opportune time for us to witness to the world by spreading the message of our wonderful vocation in a Secular Institute. Let us “Wake up the World” to this reality. How will we as a Conference celebrate this important event? The Executive Committee welcomes your ideas. Please send them to either me or Jessica by January 10. This item will be on our agenda when we meet in San Antonio on January 23 for our Executive Committee meeting. May the remaining days of Advent be an opportunity to say: Thank you, Lord, for having chosen me and then ask him: “Lord, has my FIAT made a difference in my life and in the world?” Thank you to all who attended the Annual Meeting held in Dolce, CT in September. Your participation made our meeting a success! Let’s not forget to pray for those in need especially during the Christmas Season. Let us pray for those who are grieving over the loss of a loved one. Let us think of the homeless who will be without shelter and food. Let us pray for those who are seriously ill. Let us be people of peace and joy for others to witness during the Christmas Season in spite of our own needs known to us alone. Let us offer prayers of thanksgiving for the many blessings we received throughout the year 2014.
NEW YEAR 2015!
Beatrice (Bea) Caron, OMMI


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