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2015 Spring Mountaineer

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A working message from our President to Sr Miriam Fidelis, a Religious Sister of Mercy, Alma, MI, who is
working on a paper entitled: “Year of Consecrated Life: Year in Review” for the World Meeting of Families:
Sr. Miriam
Thank you for the invitation to participate in answering questions on the subject of ―The Year of Consecrated
Last weekend, at all the Masses in my parish, a letter from our local Bishop was read highlighting ―The Year of
Consecrated Life.‖ His message was very encouraging and affirming. He said: ―To you who live a
consecrated life, your joy is infectious and continually renews the Church with hope. Our diocese is blessed
with your presence.‖ He invites us to celebrate the richness of our vocation from now until February 2, 2016,
and to let the diocesan communication office know how we will celebrate and when. This information will
then be communicated to the faithful of the diocese ―to keep before their eyes the focus of this year.‖ During
this year, the diocese will also be sponsoring events.
Our Bishop closed his letter by echoing the words of Pope Francis: ―The Church Needs You.‖
As President of the United States Conference of Secular Institutes, I share with you Pope Francis address to
Secular Institutes in Italy. I am also attaching the article which appeared in the February issue of ―Our Sunday
Visitor‖ highlighting the different forms of Consecrated Life. Under ―Secular Institutes‖ there are two interviews with members of Secular Institutes: Claudette Cyr, a member of the Secular Institute, the Oblate
Missionaries of Mary Immaculate and Anita Plourde, President of the OMMI’s.
I hope that these two articles will give you an insight of who we are in the Church as consecrated seculars.
Members from various secular institutes were present at the LA Religious Ed Congress in Los Angeles last
weekend where they distributed 300 brochures giving information about a secular consecration.
As you can see, much is being done to promote a vocation to Consecrated Life. I grade these initiatives as
definitely positive.
After our annual meeting of USCSI in September, members of Secular Institutes will attend the ―World Meeting
of Families—2015.‖
Again thank you for the opportunity to participate in your survey.
Beatrice T. Caron, OMMI
President of USCSI
March 20, 2015


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