United States Conference of Secular institutes


John 11: 45-56

Wonder what would have happened if someone stood up in that meeting of the Sanhedrin Court and said: “Gentlemen, what we are discussing here is murder.  However, we may explain it, we are plotting the death of an innocent man; and that is murder. So why don’t we call it what it is?” Perhaps nothing would have changed. Jesus would have died just the same. But at least, that one man would have redeemed his own soul. For the rest of his life, he would always remember that one refreshing moment when he found the courage to face the truth. And who knows, it could have become a habit of life.

Those people had their chance and it has come and gone. We still have endless opportunities. The setting has changed. Jesus is no longer on trial, but we are. And the question is: Do we have the courage to tell ourselves the truth and to proclaim the truth?