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Dear Friends,
Alleluia, alleluia! What a great gift is this season of Easter! Some
scholars have explained the derivation of the word Easter as the Norse „eostur‟ which meant “the
season of the growing sun” or “the season of new birth.” As the Son (and sun) rises from the East on
the morning of the Resurrection, so too are we promised new life and new hope.
The fifty days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost are a sustained period of celebration of this
greatest mystery of our faith. Having walked through the valley of death with our Savior and
celebrated his victory on Easter Sunday, we meet Christ and his Divine Mercy on the next Sunday.
Not only has he overcome death, but he reminds us that he is with us every day, ready to pour his
forgiveness and graces on us if we will only ask.
On the Fourth Sunday of Easter we encounter the tender solicitude of Christ the
Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. Finally, after the Ascension
of the Lord, the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity descends to strengthen us
and prompt us to go more deeply into the world carrying the Good News.
As well, during this season of alleluia is the month of May dedicated to the
glorious and immaculate Mother of our Redeemer. She, who gave birth to him in
a manger and became our mother at the foot of the cross, longs for our company
in prayer. Let us not fail to honor she who is our Gate of Heaven and Cause of
our Joy.
May each of us increase and grow daily, like the flowers of spring, in love of the
Lord and his Blessed Mother through prayer and care for our neighbors, demonstrating
on a daily basis, gratitude for his many graces to each of us. In this way
we will more fervently live our vocation of consecrated secularity in word and in
Let us praise the Lord and give him thanks.
Sue Larkin
P.S. When you read this (if after May
1st), I will have had the joy of going to
Milan, Italy, with other Missionaries
to witness the Beatification Ceremony
of our Foundress, Armida Barelli. Will
share details in the next issue of the


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