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2020 Summer USCSI Mountaineer

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Dear Friends,
The year is half over and if you are like me, it
feels like I have not accomplished much. I haven‘t
put many miles on my car, I haven‘t attended
meetings, I haven‘t seen my friends… Oh, how
wrong is that interpretation. There have been four
months to grow in holiness, to practice patience,
to put my trust in God into action.
Our priorities have changed over the months
and many of us have done a lot of soul searching
as to just what is essential in our lives. We have
found we can live without many things and
experiences. Our focus has shifted even more
toward the spiritual. Being deprived of sacraments
has increased our longing for the Lord and given
us a deeper appreciation of our faith, yes, even we
who should be experts in this field.
The disruption in our daily life due to the
COVID-19 has been mirrored in the dissatisfaction
with the status quo. Demonstrations and riots,
Supreme Court decisions and political fingerpointing, have brought many troubling realities into
the limelight. Even creation is groaning with earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
In God‘s providence, he allows ideals and
principles to be attacked in order to wake us up and
tell us, just those he points out to be emphasized and
strengthened. We think of the attack on family life,
on authority, on the essence of the human being as
created by God, or on the dignity of the human
As members of secular institutes we are
responsible to keep God in the picture and to form
society according to Christian principles. It seems as
if the old world is in flames, but out of the ashes will
rise a new culture. This is not just a battle on the
human level, but one between the divine and the
demonic. We know who will be the victor in the end
and that gives us hope and courage.
In this month when we celebrate our freedom, let
us turn to the Immaculate Conception, our patroness,
and consecrate our nation and its people to her
Immaculate Heart. She knows true freedom, she
knows the peace that comes from divine order, she
knows a mother‘s love for her suffering children. She
loves us and leads us to her Son.
God bless you all,
Marcia Vinje


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