United States Conference of Secular institutes


St. Bridget

Matthew 12:38-42

Have you ever followed a car and sensed the driver of that car had no idea where he was going or have the feeling that he or she was lost?  At almost every intersection or driveway they would slow down to try to read an address or look for signs. Now it was characteristic of the Jews to ask for signs and wonders from those who claimed to be messengers of God. They wanted to see some credentials. But their big mistake was looking for God in the abnormal. Moreover, we have an advantage over them. We have the sign of Jesus himself, living, dying and rising for us. Whenever we celebrate the Eucharist, let us be grateful for this sign of God’s love for us and beg the courage and strength to make the journey. Do what is right, love goodness and walk humbly with your God.