United States Conference of Secular institutes


St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Matthew 12:14-21

Have you ever found yourself wondering what God is like? No one has seen God but we still have ways of knowing a lot about God by taking a good look at his Son Jesus. In today’s gospel we have one of the longest citations from the Hebrew Bible found in Matthew’s gospel. Matthew wants to show that Jesus’ ministry is nothing less than a fulfillment of the prophet’s vision. Jesus does not engage in rabble-rousing political action. He does not employ propagandists to trumpet his accomplishments. Jesus rekindled the flame of love in the lives of so many who had been ignored by the rest of society. His love embraced all. We have some very good ideas of what God is like through his son Jesus. Since we are created in the image and likeness of God and we call God “our Father” is it easy for others to know what Jesus was like by observing us? I hope we are not depriving others from knowing what Jesus is like.