United States Conference of Secular institutes

Fall 2021

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Secular Institutes

Dear Fellow Conference Members,
I wish to introduce myself: I am a professed Missionary for 20 years in the Secular Institute of Missionaries of the Kingship of Christ and grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to serve you and work with you to make our vocation of lay consecration better known and loved as your incoming President.
I wish to thank Marcia Vinje for her prayerful, steady and creative leader-ship of the Conference for the past six years and to the other Executive Board members with whom I am working and are making my transition comfortable – Father George Hazler, Jessica Swedzinski, Deacon Paul Lang and Claudette Cyr.
An important focus over the next several years will be participating in the Church’s preparation for the Synod of Bishops to be held in October of 2023. This is a chance for us to make our voices heard and bring to the bishops our needs and hopes.
As we soon begin a new liturgical year, I pray that we can to-gether shine the light on and promote our beautiful vocation.
With thanks to God and asking for blessings for you all.
Sue Larkin


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