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April 2018

Thoughts on Secular Institutes

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Have you heard much about this group in the Catholic Church called Secular Institutes? I hadn’t heard of them 40 years ago as I was looking for my life’s vocation. I hope to share a bit every Monday.

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Reflection April 9

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Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord

Luke 1:26-38

Today, with faith in God and with the support of one another, we promise once again to be faithful to whatever God asks of us as was asked of Mary. Today, we renew our “let it be done to me.” We, too, have our many excuses – but this world would lose so much of God’s presence and love if we would be filled with self-pity; if we believe that the problems and challenges are too great because we see them through our limited vision and not with the eyes of faith. Let us be open as Mary, our Mother.

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March 2018

Reflections March 3

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March 3

Luke 15:1-3,11-32

Today’s gospel captures the story of the human race and how we all go off to a distant country and it has nothing to do with location. The distant country for us is sin – because sin is a separation from all that has to do with God – sin separates us from one another. In the gospel there are two brothers, and both are sinners. When was the last time we asked forgiveness for the times we were so judgmental of others because they are different or do not meet up to our expectations – those whom we deem unworthy of the mercy and compassion of God.

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January 2018

Christmas 2017

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Christmas 2017

Dear friends,

The Christmas crunch is here. There are just days to go and I can imagine many of us still have a list of “to dos” that give us a pinch of stress. That actually is OK; our adrenalin rises and we seem to shift into high gear to make the final preparations. This can be a good kind of stress, what is termed “eu” stress versus “di” stress. It is the tension that builds out of joy and “too much” grace when we encounter the divine as we do during this beautiful season. I can imagine Mary and Joseph had some of this eustress on Christmas, with a newborn child, lots of unexpected company and a clear sense that God had invaded that small, poor stable.


This past summer I had to get new glasses and discovered I had double vision. It is not bad but enough that I had trouble focusing my sight. Therefore my new glasses have a prism in them. I wonder what it would be like to put on new spiritual glasses this Christmas to overcome spiritual double vision. All too often our society sees the world in two dimensions – the human, earthly one, and (hopefully) the divine dimension. But people have difficulty putting the two together into a unified view of daily life in which God enters the secular and transforms it. It is the mission of secular institutes to be the prism that helps people to bring the two worlds together.


An ordinary […]

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August 2017

September 9

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God could be inviting you as a….


Gospel woman, consecrated to Christ

Lay Catholic in the world

United with spiritual companions

Come Saturday, September 9, (10-4) for

Reflection, information, prayer

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Washington, D.C.


Explore the Company of St. Ursula,

a worldwide secular institute


More information & RSVP:


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December 2016

Seeker Shirts

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These shirts are a must follow: Daily energy supply, quiz questions, plus gift cards worth investigating on the way to your CONSECRATION SCENE INVESTIGATION – at USCSI!

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Help us take new selfies at SEEK Conference this coming January. Look for Jessica, Kathy & Terrie. And also Heidi will join us!


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