September 2019

Reflection for September 15

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Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 

Not all of the prodigals are in a “foreign land” of their own free will.  Some have been sent and kept there by the greed, the arrogance, the pride, the indifference of a respectable sibling or parent who stayed at home and kept the rules. The prodigals of the world have this in their favor, they know they are sinners and know that they need to repent. Father I have sinned!

Reflection for September 14

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The Exaltation of the Holy Cross – 

What does the cross mean to us and how readily do we accept all that it represents? We know what the mention of a cross did to Peter. It frightened him so much that he tried to talk Jesus out of it. When we look upon that cross what does it say to us? Are we frightened by all that it represents or can we find it to be a new challenge for us each day?

Reflection for September 13

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St. John Chrysostom –

We all have been entrusted with stewardship of the life given us by God. In order for us to walk the path and enjoy the reign of God, we must adopt a very certain sense of humility. Jesus warns us not to be hypocrites, and remove the wooden beam from our own life first.


Reflection for September 12

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The Most Holy Name of Mary – 

On this feast of Mary, I cannot help but think of the Magnificat. Her Magnificat is the work of a visionary crafting a new order. According to Mary’s Magnificat, God will be located in social reversal. To focus too much on where we think God is supposed to be, is to risk missing God everywhere else in this world. What Mary said about Jesus I think we can say about Mary: She who is mighty, has done great things for us and holy is her name.

Reflection for September 11

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We are so often swayed by popularity and acceptance yet we are called as Christians to imitate a person who was rejected from his first day of ministry. We need to take another good look at our life with God. We need to once again renew our decision. The life I live is based on the choices and decisions I make along the way and my life tells the story.

Reflection for September 8

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Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – 

I hear Jesus reminding us today that if we want to truly follow him we have to make some choices and they’re not always easy to make. The life I live is based on choices and decisions I make along the way and my life then tells the story. Does the way I live encourage others to follow Jesus?

Reflection for September 7

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We may smile at the narrow-mindedness of the Pharisees. These super devotees of the law were outraged when the disciples picked grains of wheat to eat as they walked through a field on the Sabbath. They believed that the law was the law. There are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes we need to show our compassion and evaluate every situation as unique.

Reflection for September 6

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Change is difficult for all of us but life is all about change. From my own personal experience, I run into a lot of old wine skins and it has nothing to do with age. The Church is not static, it also changes, and if we are to remain true to Jesus Christ we need to do some soul searching before we begin the New Evangelization.