December 2021

Reflection for December 3

2021-11-23T15:22:57-06:00December 3rd, 2021|Reflections|

Saint Francis Xavier, pray for us – 

Saint John Chrysostom wrote, “If you open yourself to your heart, you open yourself to the kingdom of God.” The kingdom where Jesus dwells, the “home” he came to bring into his world, is the place where we can catch up with him, where we can be healed from our blindness.

Reflection for December 2

2021-11-23T15:18:09-06:00December 2nd, 2021|Reflections|

How good a listener am I? When meeting someone for the first time and they introduce themselves, do you remember their name? How well do we listen when someone is speaking? How well do we listen to the Scripture readings at Mass? Are we deliberately attentive to the Word of God?

Reflection for December 1

2021-11-23T15:16:29-06:00December 1st, 2021|Reflections|

G.K. Chesterton commented that a great person is one who makes others feel great. That is what Jesus did to thousands, helped them discover themselves. He helped them to get their lives in order to see it in perspective. They rediscovered purpose and meaning for themselves in the light of Jesus.

November 2021

Reflection for November 30

2021-11-04T15:30:00-05:00November 30th, 2021|Reflections|

Saint Andrew, Apostle, pray for us – 

From what we know from the gospel stories, Andrew is the first to be called by Jesus. In turn, Andrew introduces his brother, Peter to Jesus. Throughout the Gospel we see Andrew bringing others to Jesus. He is a great disciple for us to imitate as we do our best in sharing the Good News.

Reflection for November 29

2021-11-04T15:28:33-05:00November 29th, 2021|Reflections|

It was the faith of the centurion, the child’s father that brought healing. In this miracle we see faith as having a social dimension. I am sure there were many situations of his own that the centurion would have liked to discuss with Jesus.  But his prime concern was not himself but the situation of his servant. In this story we are reminded of the need for faith in our life as followers of Jesus.  Also, our faith is not something just for ourselves. But through our faith we can bring others closer to Jesus. Through our faith we can bring healing.

Reflection for November 28

2021-11-04T15:27:31-05:00November 28th, 2021|Reflections|

First Sunday of Advent – 

“When these things begin to happen, stand up straight and raise your heads, for your ransom is near at hand.”  If we are going to have hope that has any meaning in this world, we must start with the realities of life, and for millions of people that reality is endless suffering bordering on despair. Anyone can be optimistic when “everything is coming up roses.” It is the time and place of anguish and suffering that gives rise to genuine hope.

Reflection for November 26

2021-11-04T15:24:51-05:00November 26th, 2021|Reflections|

The Lord reminds us that through all change we need to hold onto his words which will not pass away. And thus, we wrap up another liturgical year. This weekend we will begin a new year of grace. I pray that it will be a fresh start for all of us and a new year of great blessing as we continue our journey. We walk by faith and not by sight.

Reflection for November 25

2021-11-04T15:23:26-05:00November 25th, 2021|Reflections|

Thanksgiving Day – 

When Abraham Lincoln de­clared a National Day of Thanksgiving, his proclamation cautioned that we had become blind to the blessings around us. Hopefully we have our sights set on the graciousness of God in our lives. This sense of thanksgiving need not be reserved for only one day a year. Thanksgiving is a way of looking at life differently, seeing the hand of God at work in all aspects of life, and giving thanks. Lord, help us to live lives of gratefulness.

Reflection for November 24

2021-11-04T15:21:40-05:00November 24th, 2021|Reflections|

Saint Andrew Dung-Lac, pray for us – 

Jesus reminds us today that we need to let our faith express itself freely. We are his followers and we must follow him in all aspects of life. We are the modern day prophets, witnessing to the presence of Jesus and all that he stands for. We pray today and every day for the courage to testify to the truth.

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