March 2022

Reflection March 21st

2022-03-15T14:00:07-05:00March 21st, 2022|Reflections|

Luke 4:24-30


The people of Nazareth had known Jesus so long and thought they knew him so well, that they did not see anything impressive about him. That is almost inconceivable, and yet we do the same. Some of our greatest blessings get overlooked simply because we are familiar with them. We get so bogged down in the routine of life that we fail to see our blessings. Instead of wanting and wishing for more, let us look at all we already have? We may not be rich, but we have more than most of the people of this world. Let us give thanks to God this day.

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Reflection March 20th

2022-03-15T13:58:44-05:00March 20th, 2022|Reflections|

Third Sunday of Lent
John 4:5-42


To be loved and respected is a universal human need. Our personal sense of worth is affected, one-way or another, by how others relate to us. If you have ever found acceptance where you expected it least and needed it most, you know what a miracle of grace it can be. Miracles often begin when one person perceives the true nature and needs of another. Acceptance is an act of grace, in which someone is affirmed and loved despite their faults and failures.

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Reflection March 19th

2022-03-15T13:57:05-05:00March 19th, 2022|Reflections|

Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Pray for us.
Luke 2:41-51


We must not overlook the prominent place that St. Joseph played in the life of Jesus. Joseph provided for his material needs when he was an infant; he trained Jesus in the traditions of their ancestors, he taught Jesus how to work with his hands; St. Joseph did not stand in the way of his son’s spiritual calling. We are reminded on this feast that parents hold the destiny of their children in their hands.

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Reflection March 18th

2022-03-15T13:55:52-05:00March 18th, 2022|Reflections|

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem,
Pray for us.
Matthew 21: 33-43, 45-46


We are like tenant farmers. We have been given a life-time lease on a share of this world. Our share may be smaller than some, larger than others. But whatever the size of our share of this world’s goods and talents, God expects us to make something of his investment in us. He expects us to produce a return that enriches his kingdom. He expects us to make this world a better place than it was the way we found it.

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Reflection March 17th

2022-03-15T13:54:29-05:00March 17th, 2022|Reflections|

Saint Patrick,
Pray for us.
Luke 16:19-31


Are there not scraps that fall from masters’ tables these days? Do we know the names of the people who beg at our gates, who cry for help from homes for unwed mothers, who stand in soup kitchen lines, who are on a waiting list for clothing and shelter? There are many who are calling out to God from places of torment to send messengers to warn us. Are we responding?

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Reflection March 26th

2022-03-22T18:53:21-05:00March 16th, 2022|Reflections|

Luke 18:9-14


We need to discover humility and humility is liberating. It enables us to stop thinking about what we have done and what we deserve and on what we focus instead on what God has done and how much God deserves. Humility may begin with beating one’s breast and looking at the ground. But mature humility looks exuberantly up to heaven, not with the arrogance of a Pharisee, mind you, but with joyful thanksgiving of those who are thrilled to know that they are loved.

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Reflection March 16th

2022-03-15T13:52:55-05:00March 16th, 2022|Reflections|

Matthew 20:17-28


In this Gospel story we have a classic case of self-centeredness. What am I getting out of this investment of giving up everything to follow Jesus? What is in it for me? This is the direction of the self-centered person who is more concerned about usefulness than worth in the sight of God. We live in a world surrounded with all the values and directives of worldly ambition and prestige and power. But at the same time, you and I are also members of another world, the Kingdom of God.

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Reflection March 15th

2022-03-04T08:56:15-06:00March 15th, 2022|Reflections|

Matthew 23:1-12


There are some Christians today who sit in judgment over others who do not fit their understanding of what the practice of Christianity should be. Jesus was constantly confronted with those whose attitude excluded others. Does our practice of religion enable us to accept people who do not think, and look and act exactly like we do? Is the sharing of our faith inclusive? Is the faith I profess obvious in my life? Does our practice of religion include compassionate service to the poor? Are we imitators of Jesus Christ?

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Reflection March 14th

2022-03-04T08:54:22-06:00March 14th, 2022|Reflections|

Luke 6:36-38


Jesus modeled the spiritual life on the nature of God. The goal of the life of faith is to become godly. That goal places high demands on us because God is supremely compassionate, patient, forgiving and generous. We are expected to emulate those attributes. We are to be compassionate, patient, forgiving and generous as our Father in heaven. In other words, we are to live a life focused on giving rather than receiving.

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Reflection March 13th

2022-03-04T08:49:45-06:00March 13th, 2022|Reflections|

Second Sunday of Lent
Luke 9:28-36


The Transfiguration certainly affirmed Jesus as the Son of God, but it also had an important message for the disciples and all of us. Jesus is teaching us that our life can be transformed through prayer. This transfiguration helps his disciples to see how they can deal with life and suffering, transformed through the power of God’s grace. We, too, can be changed, nourished, and strengthened in our personal prayer and in the celebration of the sacraments. Any experience of God is a transforming experience.

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