October 2021

Reflection for October 21

2021-09-28T14:05:27-05:00October 21st, 2021|Reflections|

Let’s never forget the real Jesus Christ, the one who said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled” also said, “I have come to light a fire on the earth. I have come for division.” If we walk with him, part of our journey will be through the fire. He is the disturbing Christ. he is the loving Christ. He challenges us to a more profound way of life. One that is not superficial.

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Reflection for October 20

2021-09-28T13:37:28-05:00October 20th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Paul of the Cross, pray for us – 

We have all been given gifts by God. They might not be what we want or all that we want, but nonetheless, everyone has received one or more blessings from God. The meaning of our lives is realized in how we can put those blessings to use for the sake of others and to discover Christ himself in those we are privileged to serve.

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Reflection for October 19

2021-09-28T13:35:48-05:00October 19th, 2021|Reflections|

St. John de Brebeuf and St. Isaac Jogues, pray for us – 

Luke’s Gospel describes a situation so new it turns tradition on its head. The Master comes home and waits on his faithful servants. Jesus is both the honoree and the host. But Jesus added a surprise wrinkle to this story to make an important point. Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on his arrival. We are to be busy doing the Lord’s work when he returns, and no one is exempt from such service. The master no less than his servants is expected to serve the needs of others.

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Reflection for October 18

2021-09-28T13:34:02-05:00October 18th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Luke, pray for us – 

We know that Luke accompanied the apostle Paul on his missionary journeys. Luke was a physician, so as Paul’s traveling companion, he probably saw after his medical needs. While in prison awaiting trial Paul discovered that he could still preach the gospel, even though he was in chains. Instead of cursing what appeared to be bad luck, Paul used his transfer to Rome as a way of taking the gospel to the very heart of the world of his time. It might never have happened without a friend like Luke.

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Reflection for October 17

2021-09-28T13:32:35-05:00October 17th, 2021|Reflections|

Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 

Jesus did not rebuke James and John. There is no hint that he was offended with their request. But he tried to teach them the true meaning of greatness. Jesus did not discourage personal ambition among his followers. He spent much of his time teaching ordinary people that they were important. Jesus believed that all people had the capacity for greatness, but some seek it in the wrong ways like lording it over others and using the power of authority.

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Reflection for October 16

2021-09-28T13:30:31-05:00October 16th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, pray for us – 

Courage is what Jesus calls for in today’s gospel. He tells his followers that they have nothing to fear in the face of persecution if they remain committed. He promises that the Holy Spirit will enable them to endure great difficulties. They need not worry about opposition from others. In giving a Christ-like response to some of life’s problems we openly declare our acceptance of Jesus’ invitation to be among his followers.

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Reflection for October 15

2021-09-28T13:28:42-05:00October 15th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Teresa of Jesus, pray for us – 

This passage is an invitation to growth in the spiritual life. We cannot spend our entire life standing on the periphery of the crowd being satisfied with loving words and soft assurances. We need to move in closer at the invitation of Jesus to become more deeply involved in his life. We need to be quiet and listen to his straightforward message to us.

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Reflection for October 14

2021-09-28T13:26:47-05:00October 14th, 2021|Reflections|

We need to be aware of our own faults today. It might be that we are still constructing large shrines over the past and not paying any attention to what Jesus is saying to us today.   We need to be aware of how we might be burying the marginalized people in the fallout of our technical society. As Christians we can no longer ignore the cost in human lives of maintaining this level of living.

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Reflection for October 13

2021-09-28T13:25:18-05:00October 13th, 2021|Reflections|

It is wise to listen to Jesus’ disapproval of ancient religious leaders as though he were speaking to us today. Careful practice of our faith must not come at the cost of overlooking the needs of others. The life of faith is not intended to be a struggle through piles of burdens and commands, but an invitation for everyone to the freedom enjoyed through forgiveness and life in Christ.

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Reflection for October 12

2021-09-28T13:22:23-05:00October 12th, 2021|Reflections|

When Jesus walked into the house of the Pharisee and sat down to dinner, he was with a man who valued the appearance of things. Style was all. But the Lord was about to teach him a lesson. The only style that really matters is the love that brings blessings to others. Our life is good when it blesses others. The rest is show.

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