August 2021

Reflection for August 21

2021-07-26T14:02:40-05:00August 21st, 2021|Reflections|

St. Pius X – Pray for us! – 

Does my practice of religion enable me to accept people who do not think, and look and act exactly like I do? Is the sharing of my faith inclusive? Is the faith I profess obvious in my life? Does my practice of religion include compassionate service to the poor? Am I an imitator of Jesus Christ?

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Reflection for August 20

2021-07-26T12:53:20-05:00August 20th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Bernard – Pray for us! – 

There are people who are not easy to love. There are people who are not easy to get along with, to put it mildly. There are people who do not appreciate anything we do for them and some of these even take advantage of us. So, if we try to love them for their own sake, we will likely give up in disgust or despair. So why should we love all people? Simply because God does.

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Reflection for August 19

2021-07-26T12:49:54-05:00August 19th, 2021|Reflections|

St. John Eudes – Pray for us! – 

The wedding garment expected of us as mentioned in this gospel is the life-long personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ.  We are weaving our garment by the way we live each day. The proper wedding garment must include an attitude of kindness and love, of mutual respect and forgiveness, a life of generosity to the less fortunate, a life of selflessness.

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Reflection for August 18

2021-07-26T12:45:37-05:00August 18th, 2021|Reflections|

Transform us, O God, into a people of gratitude. Help us to embrace a perspective that sees your hand at work in all things and realizes the many good things with which you have blessed our lives. In appreciating what we have received, may we begin to fill the emptiness and poverty of our lives.

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Reflection for August 17

2021-07-26T12:44:16-05:00August 17th, 2021|Reflections|

However much a person has, that person always wants more. The struggle to maintain what we have and to acquire more makes our life a strenuous struggle. Jesus did not say that it was impossible for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Zacchaeus was one of the richest men in Jericho, yet he found the way in.  On what are we focused in our journey?

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Reflection for August 16

2021-07-26T12:41:41-05:00August 16th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Stephen of Hungary – Pray for us! – 

It becomes very clear in this gospel that the essence of eternal life is not a carefully calculated keeping of the commandments and the rules and the regulations. Eternal life is based on an attitude of loving and sacrificial generosity toward fellow human beings.  We will find eternal life, peace of mind, joy, serenity of heart in reproducing God’s attitude of love and care to all those around us.

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Reflection for August 15

2021-07-26T12:39:55-05:00August 15th, 2021|Reflections|

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – 

The song of praise we hear in today’s Gospel, the Magnificat, is the result of a woman of deep prayer and recognition of God in creation. All throughout her song of praise she sees the hand of God. Humility and selflessness are honored. True power and authority are centered in compassion and generosity. Justice and mercy are exalted. The places of honor at God’s table are reserved for the poor, the forgotten, the unimportant. The most influential and powerful in God’s scheme of things are those who serve others.

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Reflection for August 14

2021-07-26T12:37:15-05:00August 14th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Maximilian Kolbe – Pray for us! – 

We live in an ‘age of rights.’ Everyone has their rights. The smallest incidents trigger off litigation.  There are times when we come before the Lord thinking that we have a right for him to answer our prayers according to our specifications. My friends before God we have no rights. All we have are gifts that have been freely given by a God who loves us!  He freely loves, he freely forgives, he freely lifts us up over and over in spite of our weak efforts towards holiness.

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Reflection for August 13

2021-07-26T12:35:08-05:00August 13th, 2021|Reflections|

In all our restlessness to move on to greener pastures we need to remember that we are a person before a profession. I must be true to myself as a person, before I can be true to myself as a priest, religious, teacher, nurse, doctor business executive. Happiness is an inside job.

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Reflection for August 12

2021-07-26T12:32:07-05:00August 12th, 2021|Reflections|

St. Jane Frances de Chantal – Pray for us! – 

God had two choices, to destroy us or redeem us! God chose to redeem us to let us know what forgiveness is all about. Now if God can forgive us what about our life with one another. How forgiving are we of one another?  How closely do we follow God’s example?

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