January 2019

Reflection January 22

2019-01-12T16:26:13-06:00January 22nd, 2019|Reflections|

Mark 2:23-28

Rules and regulations do not make up a religion. Whenever people forget the love and the forgiveness and the services and the mercy that are at the heart of religion and replace them with performance of rules and regulations, religion is in a decline. If the performance of our religion keeps us from helping someone in need, then our religion is not religion at all. We are all answerable for the times we put law, rule, and regulation over people. Be careful not to be too critical of the Pharisees.

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Reflection 21

2019-01-12T16:24:11-06:00January 21st, 2019|Reflections|

St. Agnes

Mark 2:18-22

Jesus is challenging his hearers to be receptive to new truths and new interpretations of the Law. It is often so very comfortable just to remain where we are and remain with how we think and how we act, Jesus is always calling us onward. Life is not static. There may be times when we try to patch and mend and adjust, when what is necessary is the complete abandonment of the old and the acceptance of something new altogether.

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Reflection January 20

2019-01-12T16:22:26-06:00January 20th, 2019|Reflections|

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

John 2: 1-11

Where am I in this story. I see myself as one of the stone water jars. It is not until someone draws out, that those gifts that have been poured into me by God, become for the one who draws out –  the wine of love, the wine of forgiveness, the wine of understanding, the wine of compassion, the wine of consideration.  It is that turning into wine that gives us the courage to be God’s love for everyone and not only some.

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Reflection January 19

2019-01-12T16:20:47-06:00January 19th, 2019|Reflections|

Mark 2:13-17

Where are we in this story?  At times are we unbending, too much concerned with the wrongs of others, too quick to cover over our mistakes, too caught up in what really does not matter, too quick to judge others? How we live out our prayer day after day in every circumstance is the true test of who we are called to be as followers of Jesus.

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Reflection January 18

2019-01-12T16:18:53-06:00January 18th, 2019|Reflections|

Mark 2:1-12

When the dust of history, and the dust of torn roofs, settles at the feet of God, will there be anyone who, when asked who carried the corners of their mat, will name you? Are you bringing others to Jesus and are you grateful to those who through their prayers bring you to Jesus each day. I invite you to pray that we will become more mindful of God’s ever loving presence in our lives.

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Reflection January 17

2019-01-12T16:40:12-06:00January 17th, 2019|Reflections|

St. Anthony

Mark 1:40-45

All of life is sacred from beginning to end. In the scriptures religion is not a part of life or an addition to life; it is the whole of life.  If our life is divorced from religion and religion from life, then we are on thin ice – to the point where I question how we can call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ.

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Reflection January 16

2019-01-12T16:15:36-06:00January 16th, 2019|Reflections|

Mark 1:29-39

We need to balance our lives with prayer, not only the habit of Sunday worship, not only a prayer of obligation or penance but to pray as a matter of friendship with Jesus.  We, too, need to find our quiet places of prayer during the week as Jesus.  We also need to make this prayer come alive in our service to one another as Jesus did when he left the synagogue.

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Reflection January 15

2019-01-12T16:13:25-06:00January 15th, 2019|Reflections|

Mark 1:21-28

You and I are not off the hook. We too are called to speak and act with authority. We need to reach within our deepest resources to find the credible faith that will call others to the Lord. And so our life is an articulation of this faith and in our ability to be Christian at all times. Do we really believe and based on that belief can we speak with authority?

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Reflection January 14

2019-01-12T16:10:52-06:00January 14th, 2019|Reflections|

Mark 1:14-20

Every generosity we extend, every hurt we forgive and are forgiven for, every stand we take for what is just and right brings God’s kingdom of peace and love to fulfillment in our lives and world.

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Reflection January 13

2019-01-09T21:47:15-06:00January 13th, 2019|Reflections|

The Baptism of the Lord

Acts 10:34-38

All of us have something to give. All it takes is a little time and a minimum of effort. Let’s begin by doing good for others and slowly we become transformed into what God intended us to be – images of God’s Son in this world. It would be nice for all of us to be known as someone who went about doing good for others.

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