September 2018

Reflection September 20

2018-09-07T17:10:40-05:00September 20th, 2018|Reflections|

St. Andrew Kim and Companions

Luke 7:36-50

Notice in the gospels that Jesus is never upset with sinners; he’s only upset with people who don’t think they are sinners. My friends let us be humble in admitting our sinfulness while always being aware of God’s loving mercy and forgiveness. As Jesus said: “I have not come to call the self-righteous, but sinners.” And remember God loves us not because we are good, God loves us because God is good.

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Reflection September 19

2018-09-07T17:09:35-05:00September 19th, 2018|Reflections|

St. Januarius

Luke 7:31-35

We cannot hold on to petty and childish ways and at the same time be serious followers of Jesus Christ.  Have we matured spiritually? Jesus is encouraging us to face reality – the reality of our relationship with him. Has our faith grown as we have grown? What does it mean to be a Catholic, a Christian? We are Christians, we are Catholics. Have we decided what this should look like in our life?

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Reflection September 18

2018-09-07T17:08:23-05:00September 18th, 2018|Reflections|

Luke 7:11-17

Few of us believe that such miracles happen today. But does this mean we are no longer “visited by God” as were believers of old? Not unless we restrict God’s visits to supernatural events. God has always revealed himself through historical events and human relationships. God incarnates himself in the mundane events of life. We need only look around and look within to see that we are visited daily by God. We need to develop a keener sense of His presence through a life of prayer. If we do this the scriptures will come alive for all of us and we can truly say God has visited his people.

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Reflection September 17

2018-09-07T17:07:24-05:00September 17th, 2018|Reflections|

St. Robert Bellarmine

Luke 7:1-10

This centurion was a man of faith. If his authority produced the results it did, how much more must that of Jesus. What about our faith? Here is a soldier from a proud culture requesting a favor from an itinerant preacher. He put himself beyond the comfortable and the customary. We may have to depart at times from our own pillar of pride to accept the leadership of someone whom we resent – but it will be a reaching out in faith. Faith grows by taking risks – a risk to extend the love of God to another, the risk to receive the love of God from another.

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Reflection September 16

2018-09-07T17:06:20-05:00September 16th, 2018|Reflections|

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 8:27-35

Why did Jesus so strongly rebuke Peter? Because maybe Peter was putting into words the very temptations that were assailing Jesus at that moment. Jesus did not want to die. In the garden he prays: “Father if it is possible let this cup pass me by.” Recall in Luke’s gospel after the temptations of Jesus in the desert it says that the tempter departed from him “for a while.” Now he’s back. But now the tempter is speaking to Jesus through the voice of a well-meaning friend!  Without the cross Jesus would not have been the Christ.  And without it, we cannot be his followers, we cannot call ourselves Christian.

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Reflection September 15

2018-09-07T17:05:11-05:00September 15th, 2018|Reflections|

Our Lady of Sorrows

John 19:25-27

Mary’s motherhood and the beloved disciple’s sonship are part of the Father’s salvific plan. Jesus looking at this mother could only think of her loneliness once he was gone. He also felt badly for John the one whom he loved – so he graciously provided for both of them. To the end of the day, even on the cross, Jesus was thinking of the sorrows of others than of his own. There is so much symbolism in this final mission of Jesus. The beloved disciple, the one whom Jesus loved, is made the protector of the true understanding of Jesus’ teaching. We all have different roles. Some are given the responsibility of the structure, others are given the responsibility of the spirit.

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Reflection September 14

2018-09-07T17:03:37-05:00September 14th, 2018|Reflections|

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

John 3:13-17

What does the cross mean to us and how readily do we accept all that it represents? We know what the mention of a cross did to Peter. It frightened him so much that he tried to talk Jesus out of it. When we look upon the cross what does it say to us? It speaks to me of unselfishness, it speaks to me of love, it speaks to me of concern for others, and it speaks to me of a suffering servant. Are we frightened by all that it represents or can we find it to be a new challenge for us each day?

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Reflection September 13

2018-09-07T17:01:55-05:00September 13th, 2018|Reflections|

St. John Chrysostom

Luke 6:27-38

Suppose the gospel was paraphrased according to the world’s standards: do evil to those who hate you; curse those who curse you and maltreat those who maltreat you. When someone slaps you on the cheek, knock him out with all you’ve got. When someone takes your coat, sue him. Don’t give to anyone who begs from you; they’ll be back for more. If you lend to someone be sure to charge interest and a high one at that. Whatever you do don’t be compassionate because they’ll take advantage of you. We cannot put limits on our love. Loving our enemies can be done. Do we have the guts to do as Jesus did?

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Reflection September 12

2018-09-07T17:00:42-05:00September 12th, 2018|Reflections|

The Most Holy Name of Mary

Luke 6:20-26

To Mary, holiness did not consist in walking around with downcast eyes, looking very pious. Mary obviously understood her call in terms of human service. The hungry will be fed, the rich will be sent away empty. God will raise up the lowly and will depose the powerful. The proud will be confused. These are dynamic words spoken by a very intense and courageous person. I think Jesus got his idea for the Sermon on the Mount from his mother. According to Mary’s Magnificat – God will be located in social reversal. To focus too much on where we think God is supposed to be, is to risk missing God everywhere else in this world.

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Reflection September 11

2018-09-07T16:59:24-05:00September 11th, 2018|Reflections|

Luke 6:12-19

We are called to imitate the healing, generous love of Christ. We think of the self-emptying love of people we know: a daughter looking after an aged parent, for example, or a husband caring for a wife suffering from Alzheimer’s. We pray for those we know who love in such a way. As we pray for them, our own capacity for self-giving, healing love can be empowered.

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