April 2018

Reflection April 21

2018-04-08T20:29:54-05:00April 21st, 2018|Reflections|

Feast of St. Anselm 

John 6:60-69 

Among Jesus’ friends there was DEFECTION. They had crowded to him now they were slipping away. They were the fair-weather friends. They had come to Jesus to get something out of him. They enjoyed being fed with the fish and barley loaves – but when it came for them to suffer for him – they quit. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we forget! What about ourselves and our relationship with Jesus as expressed in our relationships with one another? Do we use others to our advantage?  Do we use the Church to our advantage – always making sure it serves my needs without taking a look at how we serve others needs or the needs of the Church? 

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Reflections April 20

2018-04-08T20:27:23-05:00April 20th, 2018|Reflections|

John 6:52-59

So what do we do when our soul – our spiritual life gets so tired and is so empty? How do we deal with those depletions? Physical tiredness is one thing. Spiritual/soul exhaustion is another. Where do we get the energy to always be kind, compassionate and forgiving? This is where the gospel brings healing and comfort for me and hopefully for you. This living Word assures us that we are not alone. It reminds us that our spiritual energy can be renewed. Jesus is the focus of the divine energy of love. It will never run out. There will always be more than enough to meet our needs.

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Reflection April 19

2018-03-31T15:34:21-05:00April 19th, 2018|Reflections|

John 6:44-51

As the bread of life, Jesus gives his flesh for the life of the world, that is, he willingly gave himself up to death one time in history and he continues to give himself as bread through the sacrament of the Eucharist. In each of our lives Jesus comes as the bread of life — to be eaten, to be consumed by us. We then share this living bread by loving, and by serving. In loving and serving, we prove that we have been created in the likeness of God, for God is love and when we love we becomes living images of God in this world.

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Reflection April 18

2018-04-18T00:01:31-05:00April 17th, 2018|Reflections|

John 6:35-40

Jesus said: “I am the bread of life.” In other words, Jesus is the essential without which real life can neither begin or go on. Scripture scholars also think of “bread” in this verse as primarily a figurative reference to Jesus’ revelation and/or teachings. This passage also opens out to us the stages of the Christian life. In it Jesus speaks of those who come to him, and whom God gives him. Who is Jesus to us? Is he really the bread of our life? Is our whole life centered around him? Do we still have other hungers which dispel the taste for the bread of life?  What is the source of our spiritual nourishment?

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Reflection April 17

2018-03-31T15:26:55-05:00April 17th, 2018|Reflections|

John 6:30-35

When Jesus describes himself as the bread of life, he prompts in us images of warmth and comfort. Jesus is the bread of life and he wants to give us that bread always. He wants to fill us with his risen life. What Jesus is saying, though, is more than mere sentiment. Jesus is our nourishment. He is our staple food. It is Jesus and Jesus alone who can bring us the true peace of God. Our lives are lived in relationship wherever we may be. With the image of Jesus nourishing our very being, let us think more consciously how we will bring that bread of life into the lives of others.

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Reflection April 16

2018-03-31T15:24:45-05:00April 16th, 2018|Reflections|

John 6:22-29

“Master, when did you get here?” He never answered their question. He went straight to the heart of the matter. “You have seen wonderful things; you have seen how God’s grace enabled a crowd to be fed. Your thoughts ought to have been turned to the God who did these things, but all you are thinking about is more bread.” Our lifetime jour­ney of faith, sometimes referred to as the spiritual life, is one of look­ing for Jesus. But, like the crowd, we often do so because we want or need something. As Jesus tells the crowd, so he tells us, to believe that he is the one sent from God, to see the presence of God in all things.

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Reflection April 15

2018-03-31T15:21:17-05:00April 15th, 2018|Reflections|

Third Sunday of Easter

Luke 24:35-48

The disciples were overwhelmed by his presence among them, almost to the point of disbelief. Jesus confirmed his presence among them by joining in their common meal and by opening their minds to the meaning of the scriptures. Christ’s Church is where he is present in his people’s faith, hope, and love. Its doors are open to all who will enter. Our mission is to help make him known to the whole world. The Christian community would never have expanded beyond Jerusalem if the disciples had not cast off their fears and worries. Let us take a closer look at how we may be worrying our lives away and missing out on the joy of trusting Jesus to makes us his witnesses to all the world.

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Reflection April 14

2018-03-31T15:18:50-05:00April 14th, 2018|Reflections|

Acts of the Apostles 6:1-7

The Greek converts to Christianity were complaining because their people were being neglected. Those who were Jewish converts were in charge and so they were taking care of their own first. A rift was developing and this greatly concerned the apostles. The problem was solved by appointing new leaders and some of these were from among the Greeks. The Jewish leaders were under the impression that you had to be Jewish to be a leader in this new church. We have certain fixed notions and ideas and if there is a change it takes us a considerable amount of time to remove our prejudices. In the gospel Jesus shatters an expectation and assumption when he comes to his disciples walking on the water. In this one gesture Jesus is teaching us to accept what we deemed impossible. Let’s stop seeing ourselves as we are and begin to see what we can become with the grace of God.

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Reflection April 13

2018-03-31T15:11:33-05:00April 13th, 2018|Reflections|

John 6:1-15

This gospel story reminds us that as individuals we can and do make a difference. Every worthwhile accomplishment in this world depends upon attitudes and actions of individual lives. That difference in attitude is highlighted by two very specific virtues, gratitude and generosity. When Jesus saw the small supply they had to feed the crowd; he raised his eyes to heaven and pronounced a blessing over them. Jesus was not only grateful he was also generous. He shared it with the crowd. And in that act of sharing it became enough and more than enough. When you and I face the real problems and challenges of life, and often discover how little we have to address the issue, perhaps we need to remember how Jesus dealt with the so-called problem in this gospel story. Jesus took the loaves and gave thanks.

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