The Company of St. Ursula

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Welcome to the Company

A New Sister

Welcoming a new member was the highlight of our recent gathering. Cherylann now begins the two-year period of preparation for consecration to God as a secular Ursuline.

So many reasons to rejoice:

Joy over a new sister….

Joy that Angela’s path remains fresh and inviting….

Joy that Christ’s mission has one more Ursuline face in the world.


In Company Together

Our Group gathered from five states to meet in Maine, sharing and praying, listening and laughing – “together” as Angela instructed us.

Time spent together is a springboard for Cherylann in her continuing discernment, learning, and integration of this vocation. It nourishes all of us as we live out our vocation in our own individual settings. It strengthens the bonds of our shared identity. Being together challenges us to find in Christ the common center of our sisterhood.


Let’s Pray!

Holy Spirit, guide Cherylann. May she always hear your voice in her heart and learn from our Madre Angela. May we all support one another as we journey together along our Ursuline path. Amen!