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2016 Summer Mountaineer

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Dear Members and Friends of USCSI,
We are well into the Jubilee Year of Mercy and no doubt have tasted and savored the myriad ways our Father has shown to us his boundless mercy – for us personally, in our professions, in our institutes, and in the Church at large. We probably have experienced that often what we take as misfortune is really the merciful providence of God to lead us where he wants us to be, when he wants us to be, in order to be the visible face of the invisible Father for others, channels of his mercy. At our annual meeting September 16-18, 2016, we will be sharing some of these encounters with one another.
And that is the theme for our upcoming meeting, “You are the visible face of the invisible Father,” as coined by Pope Francis. This gathering will mark the 40th anniversary of the acceptance of our statutes ad experimentum by the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes in 1976, so to speak, our Baptism as a conference. Our speaker, Sister Sharon Holland, IHM, is familiar with secular institutes and specifically the USCSI from her time in Rome working with the Congregation. She is excited to be with us again and will address the mission of secular institutes in relation to our current society. Sister Sharon has a wealth of knowledge and experience that promises to be enriching for us all.
Having just returned from a meeting with the
executive committee of USCSI at our meeting site, I can assure you that it will be a little taste of paradise. The setting at Bon Secours Retreat Center is fabulous. The modern building is nestled in 300 acres of forests adjacent to a state park. The grounds are impeccably manicured and boast of a peace garden with a landscaped pond complete with an island, bridge, and fish. Stations of the Cross wind through the woods and you will dis-cover many beautiful spots for reflection, including a labyrinth. Their on-site chef and hospitable staff truly made us feel welcomed and they attended to every need and request. Think 5 star hotel with chapel and religious themed art and you will get the idea.
Until then, be assured of the prayers of your
officers and enjoy the down time of summer, in case that is in your schedule. From the consecrated heart of Mary,
Marcia Vinje


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